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Book Publishing Plans

A.  Basic Book Publishing Package: Charge due and payable in full in advance of work is $1299.95 and includes:

  1. Basic editing of manuscript provided by author(s).

  2. Formatting of the book (including “standard” front matter, main text, and back matter--formatting of pictures and/or other items with complex or special requirements is to be negotiated separately and in advance, and additional charges may be involved based on the nature of the requirements).

  3. Design of the book’s front and back covers, and spine.

  4. Creation of POD-ready version with ISBN, Bar Code and Retail Price for review by author(s).

  5. Submission of author-approved, “finished,” POD-ready, form of book to American Creation’s usual printer; and to major book industry companies such as Bowker, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor.

  6. Placement of title in new Paradise Research Publications, Inc., online bookstore.

  7. Leaving responsibility for all sales promotions, appearances, releases, publicity in the hands of the author(s).

B.  Professional Book Publishing Package: Charge due and payable in full in advance of work is $1999.95 and includes:

  1. Items 1-7 specified above in the Basic Book Publishing Package.

  2. Advance promotional marketing that will include:

  1. Search engine optimization for the new title.

  2. Design of a special, new Author website to promote the author(s) and provide information for each new book published.

  3. Preparation of a Press Release concerning the new title.

  4. Distribution of new release announcements to major wholesalers, distributors, trade publications, and 12 appropriate bookstores.

  5. Arranging with American Creation’s usual printer the distribution of 50 copies of the new title to persons and/or entities of selected by the author(s)—at the expense of the author(s).

C.  Premier Book Publishing Package: Charge due and payable in full in advance of work is $2299.95 and includes:

  1. Items 1 and 2 specified above in the Professional Book Publishing Package.

  2. Management of all book sales and distribution, other than author “in-house” sales.

  3. Customer Service.

  4. Distribution to author(s) of 60% royalty calculated as a percentage of the gross sales receipt after payment of POD and distribution charges.

  5. Establishment of a merchant account so that customers may use credit cards for book purchases.

Individual Services Available for non-publishing package needs

Book Cover Design: $799.95
Book Editing (basic): $395.95
Book Formatting for print-ready submission: $499.95
Building of a new author website for book promotion: $899.95
Book marketing and promotion (basic): $799.95
Book sales and distribution (basic): $499.95

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