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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most vital responsibility a site owner must have done to ensure success. Over 92% of all traffic to websites is from a search engine. Therefore, to guarantee traffic you have to do what is essential so that your primary keywords escalate to the very top of the search engines.  American Creations of Maui provides professional marketing and search engine optimization services. Let our trained professionals optimize your site to bring more visitors to your site. Not only will you receive more visitors, but the visitors coming to your site will be specifically looking for what you have to offer, which means more profit. Our Advanced Search Engine Optimization Services Include:


1.  Keyword Factors:

  1. Keyword Research. Research which keywords are used most often on the search engines. Generate a list of about 10 important keywords and then review the list with site owner before the optimization process begins.

  2. Optimize keyword use within the title tag, body text, H1 tag, domain name, H2 and H3 tags, alt tags, bold/strong tags, META description tag, META keywords tag, and focus on the keyword density.

2.  On-Page Factors:

  1. Validate HTML code to comply with W3C Standards.

  2. Validate CSS code to comply with W3C Standards.

  3. Organizational layout. Proper use of text links and navigational layout to ensure search engine robots and spiders have the opportunity to search all pages throughout the site.

  4. Link popularity. Improve sites like Link Popularity by exchanging links, writing articles related to the service or product that your site offers and getting the article published throughout the web. Finding high PageRank sites to link with, which will greatly increase keyword rankings, etc....

  5. Relevance of links to external sites. Maintain an outbound link structure that focuses on relevant content.

  6. Quality of content. Ensure that the content is properly written and make certain that all the necessary information is provided. Perform technical writing when necessary to improve search engine rankings.

  7. Update pages frequently. It is important to update webpage's frequently with new content. The search engines love sites that have new content on a regular basis.

  8. Spelling and grammar corrections. Ensure that all the text within the site is properly written and spelled correctly.

3.  Inbound Link Factors:

  1. Anchor text of inbound link. The anchor text is the evident, clickable text in a hyperlink. An approach to achieve this crucial step is to acquire incoming links to your site from other websites. Contact topically related sites and exchange links or request that they supply a link on their Links Page. If a site approves your request, then it's imperative to request that they use your site's primary keyword as the anchor text.

  2. Global link popularity of linking Site. This is the combined link authority as calculated by links from every single site across the internet, which also includes quality and mass.

  3. Topical relationship of linking Page. One of the most important off-site optimization methods is to exchange links with topically relevant websites. Topically relevant websites are sites that have similar or related content. For example, if you sell shoes online it would be extremely beneficial for you to get a link to your site from another shoe site, or a site that repairs shoes, cleans shoes, and the like. The search engines, especially Google, are including these "relevance" factors in their search algorithms.

  4. Google PageRank of linking page. Another off-site method that is probably the most important off-site search engine optimization factor is to ensure that the linking site has high PageRank, and preferably site's with topical relevance. Your rankings will sky rocket to the very top of the search engines as you continue getting links to your site from high PageRank sites.

4.  Website accessibility. Ensure that the site is properly programmed to be compatible with all browsers and operating systems.

5.  Get indexed quickly by search engine spiders and crawlers like Googlebot.
Ensure that all new sites get indexed in a timely manner by over 300 search engines to speed up the ranking process and to get visitors to your site faster than you would if this essential process was not completed.

6.  Directory and Niche directory submissions.
Submit your site to internet directories and niche directories across the web to draw the attention of people who are looking for what you have to offer.

7.  Search Engine Ranking Reports.
Generate monthly reports of site traffic so you can see the amazing progress your site will achieve once you have our advanced search engine optimization performed.

8.  Submit your site to search engines on a regular basis.

9. Website Competitive Intelligence.
From our expert knowledge about how search engines determine who gets top rankings, we will find out EXACTLY how your top competitors are getting top rankings and determine the steps necessary to have a competitive edge over them.

10.  Google Sitemap Creation & Submission.
We will create a Google Sitemap and submit it to Google every week, which will help get your site top rankings.

11.  Robots.txt optimization.
We will create an enhanced robots.txt file which will optimize the way search engines crawl your site.

12.  Proper use of NOINDEX Tags. 
Review each page and determine what links require noindex tags to prevent search engines from following the links that are not beneficial.


For more information, please contact Terry Dunford at (808) 250-2524 for a free quote and description of services offered.


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